Nescafe Classic Instant Coffee Review |
  • Nescafé

    Glendale, California
  • Classic Instant Coffee

Roast: NA Review Date: March 2011
Origin: Not disclosed. Contains coffee of the Robusta species. Price: $9.45/8 oz. instant

Blind Assessment: In the aroma a rather cloyingly sweet nut sensation complicated by a brisker cocoa. The acidy sensation is flat, barely there, but at least not excessively bitter. Smooth though leanish mouthfeel. Sweet and neutral in the cup; tastes more like malted, toasted grain than coffee, though the cloying nut character persists. Clean but empty in the finish.

Notes: An instant coffee evaluated as mixed in proportions of 2.5 grams to 150 ml or 5 ounces of hot water. Assuming a larger cup size and a more generous 3 grams per serving, this product costs approximately 13 cents per serving. Oddly, in the world of supermarket coffee, “classic” is code for a medium-roasted coffee loaded with poor-quality coffees of the Robusta species. Most likely the Robusta coffees in this sample were steamed to neutralize taints before roasting, accounting for the neutral, grainlike character of the cup. Nescafé, of course, is a brand of the Nestlé Corporation. For more information visit Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Postum drinkers who want some caffeine.


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