Guidelines for Public and Promotional Use of Reviews

All materials published on Coffee Review (including but not limited to reviews, ratings, and articles) are protected by copyright, and owned or controlled by The Coffee Review, LLC. Coffee Review content is intended for personal, non-commercial use. The commercial use of Coffee Review content by others is prohibited.

However, roasters are welcome to quote from or cite their own reviews for informational and promotional purposes.

We require the following common sense approach to quoting or citing reviews:

  • Reviews and ratings must not be altered.
  • At minimum, the entire “blind assessment” paragraph of a review should be quoted rather than any single phrase or part. However, if only part of that paragraph is quoted, the editing should not change the accuracy or spirit of the review. An ellipsis (i.e. “…”) should be used to indicate an intentional omission of content.
  • Please provide a link from your website to the associated detailed review page on so readers can easily access a complete review
  • All quotes or citations must include the date of a review because older reviews may no longer accurately reflect current versions of the same coffee.
  • Attribute quotes to Kenneth Davids and the Coffee Review, and include the month and year in which a review was published (for example: “Kenneth Davids,, May 2011.”)
  • Please cite ratings and reviews only for coffees you have roasted. Do not reference similar or identical green coffees roasted by other companies.

If a roaster wishes to receive a Coffee Review electronic award medallion suitable for use on a website, please Do not modify Coffee Review logos, images, or award medallions without permission.

For questions about terms of use or permission to quote Coffee Review content, please email