Northwest Espresso by Millstone Coffee Review |
  • Millstone Coffee

    Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Northwest Espresso

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: February 2004
Origin: Not disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Ken found this espresso matched its name: A straightforwardly roasty, simple espresso of the kind pumped out of roadside espresso carts and kiosks all over the Northwest: "Dark-roasted with a smoky bite and a low-toned papaya-like fruit that turns vaguely chocolate in the finish. Smoky and a little flat in milk." (84) Willem, however, acknowledges only the negative side of the aggressive roast with its limited range: "Burned, dull aroma with unpleasant carbony and cardboard flavor." (78)

Notes: Millstone is coffee giant Procter & Gamble's serious and well-run specialty arm. Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who like the taste of the roast in their caffe latte.


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