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  • Pacas Martinez Tonita

    El Salvador
  • El Salvador - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: September 1997
Origin: El Salvador Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Almost everyone remarked on the paradox of an acidity that read as complex and fruit-toned, yet oddly hard. "Very good taste but not refined, bright and brassy"; "winy but flat"; "sharp yet sweet"; and most succinct: "fruity sour." Several remarked on the perfumes in the aroma and top notes, variously characterizing them as fruity, floral, and winy.

Notes: An intriguing paradox of a coffee: very good taste but not refined, bright and brassy. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. Pacas Martinez Tonita is grown on a family-owned estate.

Who Should Drink It: An intriguing (though not universally pleasing) paradox.


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