Black Cat Espresso by Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters

    Chicago, IL
  • Black Cat Espresso

Roast: Dark Review Date: April 2002
Origin: Not disclosed Price: $11.95/16oz

Blind Assessment: Heavy, rich, a touch sharp, but balanced in the small cup, complicated nicely by dry fruit and cocoa. Maintains balance and authority in small milk, where the cocoa sweetens toward a voluptuous hazelnut-toned chocolate. Fades a bit in big milk, though still round and chocolaty. (89 straight espresso, 90 w/milk)

Notes: Intelligentsia is a leading Chicago-area roaster with a Keith Haring-style logo, excellent coffee, and a commitment to quality epitomized by the practice of printing roast dates on coffee packaging. Black Cat is one of several Intelligentsia espresso blends. Visit or call 1-888-945-9786 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy power in the small cup and complexity in cappuccino.


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