Coffee Review - Sumatra Lake Tawar by Bird Rock Coffee
  • Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

    La Jolla, California
  • Sumatra Lake Tawar

Roast: Medium Review Date: August 2011
Origin: Aceh Province, northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Price: $15.75/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Pungently sweet and deep in both aroma and cup. Very complex: black cherry, grapefruit, fresh-turned earth, cedar, a hint of night flowers. Rich, grapefruit-toned acidity, lightly syrupy mouthfeel, sweetly tart finish saturated with fruit.

Notes: Coffees from the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra are admired for their complex earth, fruit and aromatic wood notes that result largely from unorthodox fruit removal and drying practices called “wet hulling.” This coffee is a particularly refined example of the type. Based in the San Diego area, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a retailer and wholesaler that focuses on organic and socially responsible coffees. Visit or call 858-551-1707 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Superb, sweetly earthy, resoundingly complex Sumatra for those who already love Sumatras and want to move up, or those who have never sampled the type and want to at its best.


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