Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha Selection #7 by Johnson Brothers Coffee Roasters Review |
Roast: Medium Review Date: November 2007
Origin: Yirgacheffe growing region, Sidamo Province, southern Ethiopia. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Intense, complex aroma. Quite tropical for co-cupper Miguel Meza (92) who cites guava, pineapple, and orange; Ken's (92) associations are more temperate: blueberry, cherry, orange, honey. In the cup both Ken and Miguel find cherry and chocolate, and most likely Miguel's "mango and caramel" and Ken's "candyish butterscotch" both are efforts to find descriptors for the same sensation, a pleasingly pungent sweetness. Miguel passes on the finish; Ken finds the usual flaw haunting this style of coffee: a slight salty astringency hiding amid the lovely fading trajectory of fruit.

Notes: A dry-processed or "natural" coffee, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed, as is the case with wet-processed or "washed" coffees. Aricha Selection Seven is a specially prepared and selected lot of dry-processed coffee from the Yirgacheffe region exported by S.A. Bagersh and air shipped to the United States by Joseph Brodsky's Ninety Plus Coffee program. Johnson Brothers Coffee Roasters, led by buyer and cupper Michael Johnson, is a distinguished small-batch roasting company. Visit or call 608-256-5282 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of the juicy opulence and pungent bite of a ripe mango.


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