Holiday Blend 2006 by Quartermaine Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Quartermaine Coffee Roasters

    Rockville, Maryland
  • Holiday Blend 2006

Roast: Dark Review Date: November 2006
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Sweet-toned, gently roasty aroma with distinct grapefruit notes and the barest hints of cedar and chocolate. In the cup the roast tones are sharper but still sweet, reading even more clearly as a richly pungent grapefruit with a slight chocolate cast. Deep finish with almost no astringency. A slight unevenness from cup to cup brought down the rating of this fundamentally distinguished dark-roasted coffee.

Notes: Quartermaine Coffee Roasters is a small-batch specialty roaster that remains loyal to the roots of specialty coffee, emphasizing freshness maintained not through packaging but through frequent roasting and rapid turnover. Visit or call 800-245-6563 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A roasty, pungently fruity holiday blend that should hold its own with the fruitcake and mince-meat pie.


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