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Best value coffees of 2017

Best Value Coffees in Top 30

Our list of the Top 30 coffees of the year recognizes the skill and hard work of the growers and roasters who produce these fine coffees.  However, as a consumer, it’s only an academic exercise unless you can actually buy and enjoy the coffees on the list.  And, the coffees on the list are often expensive, at least compared to ordinary everyday coffees. Enjoy this list of the best value coffees in our Top 30.

As we approach the peak holiday shopping period of 2015, we thought we’d call out three coffees from our Top 30 that offer incredible value and, as of the time of this posting, were still available for sale by their roasters.  Enjoy!


Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea, Kenya AA Kigwandi Estate, $17.99/16 oz. – 95 points

Review – Top 30 No. 10

Shop at Willoughby’s


Ghost Town Coffee, Holiday Blend, $15.25/12 oz. – 95 points

Review – Top 30 No. 24

Shop at Ghost Town Coffee


JBC Coffee, Las Flores Espresso, $15.80/12 oz. – 95 points

Review – Top 30 No. 12

Shop at JBC Coffee


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