India Viennese Roast by Old City Coffee Review |
  • Old City Coffee

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • India Viennese Roast

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: August 2003
Origin: Southern India Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Ken and co-taster Willem Boot both found the aroma impressive: resonant, floral, fruity. The body disappointed, however: "imbalanced and gritty" (Ken), "unsettled" (Willem). The flavor was "complex" for Willem, "rich" for Ken, with floral and fruit endnotes. Both were approving though not excited about performance in milk: "Tickling, spicy" for Willem, "dry chocolate" for Ken. Willem 85, Ken 84.

Notes: India's coffees - sweet, low-acid arabicas, monsooned coffees, and clean, gingery washed robustas - are heavily used in espresso blending. This coffee is an India wet-processed arabica. Old City coffee is a boutique coffee roaster based in Philadelphia with a location in Wilmington, Delaware. Visit or call 800-593-6104 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: "Tickling, spicy" sounds like fun, and it probably is if you try this coffee in a short milk drink, a classic cappuccino, for example.


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