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    Emeryville, California
  • Timor Organic

Roast: NA Review Date: February 2000
Origin: Maubesse (or Maubisse) region, central East Timor. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: An agreeably sweet coffee with pungent bottom notes, but wildly uneven from cup to cup. A grassy, green taste marred some cups; others clearly displayed the overripe-edging-on-rotten taste of ferment. Some combined both problems, in a sort of bouquet of defects.

Notes: An agreeably sweet coffee, but wildly uneven from cup to cup. Reviewed as a green coffee by the Cupping Board. Produced by small-holder peasant farmers and processed by the wet or washed method at centrally located mills. Purchase of coffees like this one assist in rebuilding East Timor, devastated by its long struggle for independence from Indonesia. Certified or

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