Peet's Coffee & Tea (Costco)

Major Dickason’s Blend

Location: Berkeley, California

Origin: Not disclosed.

Roast: Dark

Est. Price: $17.60/32 ounces

Review Date: November 2012

Agtron: 37/41

Aroma: 7

Body: 7

Flavor: 7

Aftertaste: 6

Blind Assessment:

Richly scorched wood dominates in aroma and cup, with hints of backgrounded chocolate, sweet earth and, faintly, lemon and cardamom-like spice. Acidity is entirely folded into an intense roasty pungency. Light-bodied, lean mouthfeel though with some smoothness. Roast-toned chocolate in the short finish fades to simple drying sweetness in the long.


Purchased in whole-bean format at Costco in San Leandro, California for an equivalent of $8.75 per pound. Legend has it that this blend was named after Key Dickason, a retired army officer and a regular customer of the late Alfred Peet, the company founder and one of American specialty coffee’s pioneers. Peet’s is now a privately owned corporation under the John A. Benckiser Investment group, that so far has managed to maintain its essential identity during a slow, careful expansion from its intensely loyalist base in the San Francisco Bay area. Peet’s signature, very dark “deep” roast is often imitated but less often duplicated. Visit www.peets.com or call 800-999-2132 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Peetniks and other dark-roast lovers on a budget.

This review originally appeared in the November, 2012 tasting report: Big Box Value Coffees

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