94 Fresh Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka Gotiti Natural

Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Origin: Yirgacheffe growing region, southern Ethiopia

Roast: Medium-Light

Est. Price: NT $450/227 grams

Review Date: August 2019

Agtron: 60/78

Aroma: 9

Acidity/Structure: 8

Body: 9

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment:

Fruit-driven, sweetly savory. Dried raspberry, baker’s chocolate, hop flowers, grappa barrel, cedar in aroma and cup. Bittersweet structure with round, accessible acidity; full, viscous mouthfeel. Finish consolidates to notes of raspberry and lily with a hint of grappa barrel.


94 Fresh Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in Kaohsiung City that specializes in espresso, including training and machine sales. Visit https://94freshcoffee718.shoplineapp.com for more information.

The Bottom Line: A sweetly fermenty natural-processed Ethiopia turned slightly more austere by bittersweet floral and spicy aromatic wood notes.

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