Paradise Roasters

Ethiopia Awassa

Location: Ramsey, Minnesota

Origin: Sidamo (also Sidama) growing region, southern Ethiopia.

Roast: Medium-Light

Est. Price: $16.95/12 ounces

Review Date: August 2013

Agtron: 62/79

Aroma: 9

Acidity: 7

Body: 8

Flavor: 8

Aftertaste: 7

Blind Assessment:

Lush, heavy, lily-like flowers, ripe grapefruit, blueberry and musk in a richly enveloping aroma and cup. Round, backgrounded acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. Some flavor lingers in a sweet, deep, simple finish.


This coffee is a dry-processed or “natural” coffee, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit rather than after the fruit has been removed, as is the case with wet-processed or “washed” coffees. Paradise Roasters specializes in micro-lot coffees and espressos from Hawaii and other premier coffee growing regions. The company prides itself on quality and freshness, craft-roasting coffees in small batches only after orders are placed. Visit www.paradiseroasters.com or call 763-433-0626 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy rich, complexly lush beverages: ports, for example, or sweet, malty dark beers.

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