Plat Coffee Roastery

El Salvador

Location: Hong Kong, China

Origin: Tecapa Chinameca growing region, southeastern El Salvador

Roast: Medium

Est. Price: $19.65/8 ounces

Review Date: August 2019

Agtron: 47/59

Aroma: 9

Acidity/Structure: 9

Body: 9

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment:

Sweetly and crisply floral- and fruit-toned. Roasted pineapple, honey, cashew, lavender and magnolia, baker’s chocolate in aroma and cup. In structure round, balanced, sweet with a tart/savory edge. Lightly syrupy, satiny mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates around dry, spicy chocolate in a crisp finish.


This coffee earned the highest rating in a tasting of El Salvador coffees for Coffee Review’s August 2019 tasting report. Produced by distinguished coffee grower and leader Gilberto Baraona on his farm Los Pirineos from trees of the heirloom Bourbon variety. A washed-process coffee, meaning the soft fruit residue was removed from the beans before drying. Plat Coffee is a specialty roaster and café in Hong Kong. For more information, visit www.platcoffee.com.

The Bottom Line: Balanced and comprehensive in structure, with a subtle but grand array of aromatics: honey-like flowers, crisp lavender-like flowers, juicy yet savory fruit (we called it roasted pineapple), nut, dry chocolate.

This review originally appeared in the August, 2019 tasting report: El Salvador Coffees 2019: Pacamaras, Bourbons and Change

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