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Introducing Tea Review

Introducing Tea Review

In 1997, Coffee Review pioneered the first-ever 100-point, wine-style reviews in the specialty coffee industry. More than two decades later, Tea Review, a long overdue offshoot of Coffee Review, is introducing 100-point reviews to the tea industry.

In addition to his existing role with Coffee Review, Ron Walters will lead Tea Review’s efforts to roll out tea reviews in the specialty tea market. Coffee Review‘s Kenneth Davids, Kim Westerman, and Jason Sarley will continue to focus exclusively on coffee and Coffee Review.

Let us know what you think of the look and feel of the recently launched  It will help inform efforts that are underway to improve the design and functionality of the Coffee Review website. If you have others ideas, comments, or suggestions about Coffee Review or Tea Review, please email Ron Walters at

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Ron Walters, co-founder of Coffee Review, manages business operations, including, marketing, and social media. He conceived of and helped pioneer the development of 100-point reviews in the specialty coffee industry. For the past twenty years, he has been engaged in strategy, marketing, and management of specialty food and beverage businesses.

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