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Answers to most common reader questions are available on Refer to our site map for a quick overview of the information available on the site. Our coffee reference section and reader discussion forums are outstanding resources for a wide variety of coffee topics.


Coffee Review invites readers and roasting companies to nominate coffees for review in upcoming cuppings as part of our normal editorial calendar.

The rapidly increasing number of requests for objective reviews by Kenneth Davids and the Coffee Review is greater than our publication calendar can accommodate. Consequently, we now offer three ways to obtain coffee reviews by Kenneth Davids.

Advertising Opportunities

Many outstanding coffee farmers, roasters, equipment manufacturers, and service providers share our mission of educating coffee lovers and enabling them to enjoy outstanding coffee. We are pleased to offer several affordable ways for advertisers to communicate with our readers.

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The Coffee Review can be reached by phone at 503-828-5319. Because our team is very small and we are often in the lab, you may reach our voice mail. If so, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. If you have questions about your membership, you can email us any time at We will respond within one business day. Thank you.

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