Coffees from the Americas : Honduras

In the late 1990’s, Honduras has been plunged into a horrific period of suffering, starting with the almost otherworldly devastation of hurricane Mitch in 1998 and continuing through the floods and storms of 1999. These events cut off a promising entry of a small number of Honduras growers and exporters into the American specialty market.

Honduras also suffers from having most of its coffees produced by small holders who are forced to perform the fruit removal and drying of the coffee themselves owing to poor coffee infrastructure. These small lots of coffee are then mixed together, producing understandably inconsistent quality. Coffees from the Marcala region near the El Salvador border have the best reputation of Honduras origins. Strictly High Grown is the highest grade.

When Honduras coffees do return to the specialty market most probably will prove to be rather gentle, low-key coffees of medium body, with occasionally brighter, more acidy coffees from the Marcala region.