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Roast: Medium Review Date: December 2004
Origin: Sul de Minas growing region, southern Minas Gerais State, Brazil Price: $9.95/12oz

Blind Assessment: The low-toned aroma is charged with cocoa and spicy fruit (apricot?) notes. In the cup a dry-yet-sweet, almost sugary fig-like character dominates, enlivened by a soft shimmer of acidity. The finish is sweet, rich and long with chocolate and dry fruit notes.

Notes: This coffee, from a family owned farm in one of the traditional coffee-growing regions of Brazil, reflects the friendship between Danny O'Neill, president of The Roasterie, and grower Marcelo Vieira of Fazenda Lagoa, both of whom are longtime leaders in the global effort to raise the quality and prestige of coffee. Proceeds from sale of this coffee at the Roasterie have bought a satellite dish and 20 computers for the local school, built a preschool and outfitted another. Visit or call 800-376-0245 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: This coffee with its low acidity and spicy, fig-like fruit makes an excellent introduction to the pleasures of the classic dry-processed (i.e. coffee seeds or beans are dried inside the fruit) Brazilian cup.


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