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  • Bucks County Coffee

    Langhorne, Pennsylvania
  • Sumatra

Roast: Medium Review Date: May 2004
Origin: Northern Sumatra, Indonesia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The aroma is intense but narrow in range and lacking nuance. In the cup definitively flat, with a flavor-dampening mustiness that reads as dull mildew rather than rich earth. Brightened only by a faintly woody sweetness and the barest hint of acidity. Nominated anonymously.

Notes: Traditionally processed Sumatras like this one are valued for the mildly fermented fruit and mildewed earth tones created by unorthodox methods of fruit removal and drying. Bucks County Coffee has managed to stay close to its micro-roasting roots throughout its expansion from a small roasting machine in a carriage house to one of the country's largest regional specialty coffee chains. Visit or call 800-844-8790 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those coffee students curious to taste the down side of the often superbly idiosyncratic Sumatra profile.


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