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  • Allegro Coffee

    Thornton, Colorado
  • Nicaragua Organic, El Jaguar

Roast: Medium Review Date: May 2004
Origin: Jinotega growing region, central Nicaragua Price: $10.95/12oz

Blind Assessment: Deep and balanced, smooth in mouthfeel, low in acidity, rich with sweet wine- and chocolate-cherry-toned fruit and a resiny hint of cedar. Nominating reader John Outler applies the technical tasting term "Yummy!" to this coffee before continuing "Perfect intersection between dark and light [roast]. Not too bitter."

Notes: With its full body, low acidity and complex midtones, this is a classic Nicaragua. Organically grown on George and Liliana Duriaux-Chavarria's family form in the Jinotega region. Allegro Coffee, a subsidiary of Whole Foods Market, offers one of the country's largest selections of single-origin coffees. Visit or call 800-227-1107 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who prefer a plush armchair to a leather one.


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