Peruvian Fair-Trade Organic by Alterra Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Alterra Coffee Roasters

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Peruvian Fair-Trade Organic

Roast: Dark Review Date: March 2004
Origin: Quillabamba region, south-central Peru. Price: $6.95/8oz

Blind Assessment: In the nose intensely roasty and intensely alive with pungently sweet fruit - passion fruit, or sweet grapefruit. In the cup the powerful coupling of sweet fruit and bitterish roast tones persists. Patient palates may read a raisin-toned dark chocolate in the roasty fruit.

Notes: Produced by the 150 farmers of the Cochapampa cooperative, this coffee is certified organically grown and Fair-Traded, meaning farmers have been paid a formula-determined price for their coffee that assures economic sustainability. Alterra is a quality-oriented small-batch wholesale and retail roaster with a small chain of cafes; locations in Milwaukee and environs. Visit or call 414-273-3747 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: This hugely roasty but roundly fruity coffee should please those who prefer their dark roasts powerful but free of burned bitterness.


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