Saturday's Blend by Seattle's Best Coffee Review |
  • Seattle's Best Coffee

    Seattle, Washington
  • Saturday's Blend

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: January 2003
Origin: East Africa; South America. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Reader "Siehata" nominated a "morning blend" from Seattle's Best Coffee, testifying that SBC "has been a favorite of mine for years. Better than Millstone or even the over-priced burnt Starbucks." I couldn't find a Seattle's Best morning blend, so I picked Saturday's Blend, figuring that Saturdays have mornings, maybe better mornings than the other days of the week. I found it crisply roasty (though most definitely not burned), with pleasantly dry, bittersweet chocolate tones. For me it hit the sweet spot of dark roasted coffees, but displayed a limited range of aromatics and a lean body. Perhaps it had sat in its bag too long.

Notes: Seattle's Best is a large, quality-oriented specialty chain founded in 1970. Visit or call 800-962-9659 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who lean toward the dry, toasty end of the moderately-dark, chocolate-nuanced roast spectrum.


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