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  • Lavazza

    Turin, Italy
  • Qualita Oro

Roast: NA Review Date: January 2003
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Reader "Cynmar69" reports this espresso blend "has a true coffee taste, ... smooth and flavorsome unlike most burnt flavored coffees." I found it full-bodied and fat on the tongue, with the kind of pleasantly fermented fruit tones that suggest chocolate-covered cherries. A shimmer of sharp acidity is balanced by sweetness. The finish is clean, rich and chocolaty. Slightly disappointing in small milk, where the coffee seems to simplify without softening, but in larger milk the fruit and chocolate tones bloom nicely. The preground, canned format doubtless accounts for the subdued aroma.

Notes: Lavazza is one of the world's leading suppliers of espresso coffees. This all-arabica blend is presented canned and pre-ground for espresso brewing. The fine grind prevents obtaining a meaningful comparative Agtron roast color reading, but by American standards this is a very light roasted espresso blend that achieves its character by blending naturally sweet coffees rather than by roasting acidy coffees dark. Like all of Lavazza's coffees, this blend is roasted and packed in Italy. Visit www.lavazza.com or call 212-725-8800 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Complete absence of bitter tones and a shimmer of bright fruitiness makes this an unusual espresso for America, where somewhat darker-roasted, more bittersweet blends are the norm. If you take your espresso cuisine without sweetener or find American espresso blends overbearing in their bitterness, try this one.


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