Decaf Skye's Mountain Blend by Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters Review |
Roast: NA Review Date: July 2002
Origin: Kenya; Colombia; Sumatra, Indonesia. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Simple in terms of nuance but splendid structure: rich and pleasing balance of sweet and roasty tones with a pleasant shimmer of acidity and suggestions of citrus and pineapple. The roast tones are rather heavily bitter when the cup is hot, but soften and round beautifully as it cools.

Notes: Depending on origin, the components of this blend were processed either by the solvent or CO2 processes. Batdorf & Bronson is a leading wholesale artisan specialty roaster with roasting locations in both Olympia, Washington and Atlanta, Georgia. Visit or call 800-955-5282 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: A versatile coffee whose sturdy but expansive character when cool should make it particularly fine as a darker-roasted summer beverage taken over ice.


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