Brasil Vargem Grande by Alpen Sierra Review |
  • Alpen Sierra

    South Lake Tahoe, California
  • Brasil Vargem Grande

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: May 2002
Origin: Mogiana region, Sao Paulo State, Brazil. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The roast dominates an agreeably light-bodied, buoyant, juicily fruit- and floral-toned coffee, turning the pleasantly delicate acidity a touch bitter in the finish.

Notes: From the classic Brazilian growing region of Mogiana, this coffee is a pulped natural or semi-dry-processed coffee, meaning the skin was removed from the fruit but the fruit pulp was allowed to remain clinging to the beans during drying. The pulped natural method generally produces a low-key but gently bright, often fruity cup. As a green coffee, a 2001 Brazil Cup of Excellence competition winner. Alpen Sierra is a quality-oriented, retail/wholesale specialty roaster serving the Lake Tahoe region and beyond. Visit or call 800-531-1405 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy a crisply roasty, pear-toned coffee. Milk overwhelms this coffee but a bit of sugar develops the fruit nicely and offsets the hint of bitterness.


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