Muleskinner Dark Roast by Coffees of Hawaii Review |
  • Coffees of Hawaii

    Kualapuu, Molokai, Hawaii
  • Muleskinner Dark Roast

Roast: Dark Review Date: February 2002
Origin: Island of Molokai, Hawaii Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The opulent, flower-toned sweetness of this coffee is overlaid by an effervescent, spicy mustiness. Imagine mildewed spice covered by chocolate.

Notes: This unusual coffee has been dry-processed, meaning the beans have been sun-dried with the fruit still attached. The long contact with the fruit produces a sweet coffee, often, as here, overlaid with rough, musty tones that some coffee drinkers love. From the 500-acre Coffees of Hawaii estate in the central part of the bucolic island of Molokai. Visit or call 1-800-709-BEAN for more info.

Who Should Drink It: An interesting variation for those who enjoy the rustic, earthily musty coffees of Sumatra.


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