Pride of the Andes by Neighbors Coffee Review |
  • Neighbors Coffee

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Pride of the Andes

Roast: NA Review Date: June 2001
Origin: Various South America origins. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The rich, grapey, slightly fermented fruit taste Guatemalans call avinatado or winyness dominates the profile of this medium-dark-roasted blend, together with the intensely and fleetingly sweet innuendoes we associate with dusk flowers like jasmine or honeysuckle. The finish is sweet, almost juicy.

Notes: A decadent breakfast blend with a sweet, almost juicy finish. Over the past three decades Neighbors Coffee evolved from office coffee service to major regional wholesale specialty roaster offering an impressive range of single-origin and blended coffees.

Who Should Drink It: Neither Oklahoma City nor the Andes suggest sophisticated decadence, but this is most definitely a decadent 's breakfast blend, sweet and giddy with fermented fruit and lush floral tones. Not a purist 's coffee, but an intriguing one.


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