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    Var. Kent - Green
  • Var. Kent - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: January 2001
Origin: Merthi Mountain, Chikmagalur district, Karnataka State, southern India. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A fine coffee in the India mode; almost all panelists had something positive to say about it. Sweet, deeply resonant, softly acidy, long in the finish, gently nuanced with tones variously read as spice, nut, and citrus. Sustained its virtues beautifully when cold. Given the enthusiastic written assessments, I have no idea why this coffee was not more highly rated.

Notes: A wet-processed or "washed" coffee grown under shade at elevations of 3,000 to 4,000 feet. Unlike most Indias, which are grown from trees of relatively new hybrid varieties, this coffee comes mainly from trees of the admired older hybrid variety Kent.


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