100% Colombian by Yuban Coffee Company Review | CoffeeReview.com
  • Yuban Coffee Company

    White Plains, New York
  • 100% Colombian

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: May 1997
Origin: Colombia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A deep bottom with just enough acidity to keep from the coffee from imploding into dullness. Other than the rather full body I read few signs of the Colombia profile in this decent but hardly exciting coffee.

Notes: A decent but hardly exciting coffee with some acidity and a deep bottom. Pre-ground and canned. Grind is finer than most others in the cupping. Twelve-ounce can $3.29, or $4.39 per pound.

Who Should Drink It: Not sure. The can is not old-fashioned enough to excite nostalgia, the price not cheap enough to constitute a bargain, and the coffee not Colombian enough to interest enthusiasts. maybe aficionados trapped in a very small town with no specialty stores.


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