Organic Timor by Uncommon Grounds Review |
  • Uncommon Grounds

    Berkeley, California
  • Organic Timor

Roast: NA Review Date: April 2000
Origin: East Timor. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The quintessentially smooth, deep, rich Pacific coffee. Not so much complex as dense with sensation. Refined, crisply seductive cocoa tones carry elegantly from aroma to aftertaste.

Notes: The quintessentially smooth, deep, rich Pacific coffee. Grown by peasant small holders and processed by the wet method at centrally located mills. Purchase of coffees like this one assist in rebuilding East Timor, devastated by its recent war of independence from Indonesia. Certified organically grown. Uncommo

Who Should Drink It: Should be delicious brewed any time, any way, but I can 't imagine a much better coffee either after dinner or as a straight-shot espresso.


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