Gumanch by Uncommon Grounds Review |
  • Uncommon Grounds

    Berkeley, California
  • Gumanch

Roast: Dark Review Date: April 1997
Origin: Papua New Guinea Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Some winy notes flirt from inside the dark-roast pungency. Otherwise an unremarkable but solid dark-roast coffee: balanced, without sharpness, and nearly carbon-free.

Notes: Solid dark-roast coffee: balanced, without sharpness and nearly carbon-free. Some winy notes flirt from inside the pungency. Papua New Guinea has quietly developed into one of the most dependable of the world's fine coffee origins. Nearly all New Guineas are wet-processed, as is this coffee from the Gumanch Estate in the Western Highlands.

Who Should Drink It: Dark-roast classicists. Makes a nicely rounded espresso, with enough carbon to satisfy West-Coast tastes but not so much to prevent the coffee from blooming.


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