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  • Ethiopia Limu - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: October 1999
Origin: Limu growing region, western Ethiopia. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Is this Ethiopia smooth, complex and gently authoritative, or slightly hard, grassy, and astringent? Either the panelists couldn 't make up their minds on this coffee or the coffee couldn 't make up its own mind. "Sweet, caramel, rootbeer," wrote another; but "cooled to unremarkable and astringent." I found this coffee chocolaty and rich on first impression, but a touch hard underneath, with a faintly bitter finish.

Notes: Sweet, caramel, and rootbeer up front but a touch hard underneath. Ethiopian Highland Coffee Company is a vertically integrated exporter/importer dedicated to "Rebuilding Ethiopia one bean at a time." Limu is generally considered the second most prestigious origin for Ethiopia wet-processed coffee after Yirgacheffe. Fro

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