Guatemala Antigua, 1998 by Barnie's Coffee & Tea Review |
  • Barnie's Coffee & Tea

    Orlando, Florida
  • Guatemala Antigua, 1998

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: July 1999
Origin: Guatemala Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A classic Latin-American cup, dominated by an austere, powerful, full-throated acidity. The big, acidy profile is both impressive and monolithic, complicated only by barely felt floral tones, a sort of deeply held essence of flowers.

Notes: A classic Latin-American cup, dominated by a powerful acidity with deeply held essence of flowers. Bold, simple, arresting. Barnie's, a many-stored retailer founded in 1980, donates $1 of every pound of this coffee sold to Habitat for Humanity.

Who Should Drink It: A classicist's drip coffee: bold, simple, arresting.


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