Espresso Review - Espresso Motoretta by CQ Coffee Roasters
Roast: Medium Review Date: June 2013
Origin: Brazil. Price: $14.00/16 ounces

Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. Sweet-toned; lively but deep. Chocolate, almond-paste, tangerine and plum notes with vanilla hints in aroma and, more pronounced, in the small cup. Syrupy body; the finish is resonant though gently drying and eucalyptus-toned. The chocolate and citrus further sweeten and soften in three parts milk; the plum note turns delicately floral.

Notes: A blend of coffees processed by two different methods, the traditional Brazilian natural or dry method, meaning the coffee was dried with both skin and fruit still adhering to the beans, and the pulped natural or “honey” method, in which the skin is removed from the coffee fruit immediately after picking but the seeds or beans are dried with the sweet pulp, or fruit flesh, still adhering to them. CQ Coffee Roasters is a coffee-loving, quality-focused roasting company based in Bedford, New Hampshire. Visit or call 603-345-7707 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: This versatile single-origin blend is classically balanced as a straight shot and gently complex in cappuccino-scaled milk.


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