Coffee Review - Ethiopia Amaro Gayo by Cafe Virtuoso
  • Cafe Virtuoso

    San Diego, California
  • Ethiopia Amaro Gayo

Roast: Medium Review Date: December 2012
Origin: Amaro region, southern Ethiopia. Price: $15.00/12 ounces

Blind Assessment: Crisp yet lush. Honey, roasted cocoa nib, ripe blueberry, a hint of savory herb in aroma and cup. Balanced, richly bright acidity; lightly syrupy, lively mouthfeel. Flavor quiets and consolidates in a roundly sweet finish.

Notes: A “natural” or dry-processed coffee, meaning the beans were dried inside the fruit, encouraging a flavor profile that is lower-toned and more pungent than the more familiar wet-processed floral-toned southern Ethiopia profile. Certified organically grown, this coffee is processed with great care by Ethiopia's only female coffee mill owner, Asnakech Thomas, who pays high prices for ripe cherry from smallholders in Ethiopia's Amaro region. Café Virtuoso is a small-batch coffee roaster that strives to procure, roast and deliver the best quality coffee in San Diego. Visit or call 619-550-1830 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: The play of sweetness – honey, blueberry – against crisper notes – roasted cocoa nib, herb – gives this dried-in-the-fruit profile its particular distinction.


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