Coffee Review - Taiwan Alishan by Simon Hsieh
  • Simon Hsieh's Aroma Roast Coffees

    Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Taiwan Alishan Sumatra Honey

Roast: Medium Review Date: June 2012
Origin: Taiwan Price: NT $1200/8 ounces

Blind Assessment: Very sweet, gently bright, delicately fruit-toned. Lush flowers, cidery apple and tart, raspberry-like fruit in aroma and cup. Softly bright acidity; silky to lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Very sweet in the finish.

Notes: This coffee was produced in Taiwan from trees of the Sumatra strain of Typica and processed by the “honey” or pulped natural method, meaning the skin was removed from the coffee fruit immediately after picking but the beans or seeds were dried with at least some of the fruit pulp or “honey” still adhering to them. In addition to his retail roasting operation Aroma Roast Coffees, Simon Hsieh also operates Soaring Phoenix Trading, a business focused on purposed-built commercial espresso blends and high quality single-origin coffees. Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy natural sweetness in coffee, complexly sugary but not cloying.


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