Coffee Review - Guatemala El Injerto Maragogype by Bird Rock Coffee
  • Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

    La Jolla, California
  • Guatemala El Injerto Maragogype

Roast: Light Review Date: December 2011
Origin: Huehuetenango growing region, Guatemala. Price: $17.00/8 ounces

Blind Assessment: Smooth, quietly complex: orange, walnut, raisin, honeyish flowers in aroma and cup. Softly crisp, sweet-toned acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. The finish is sweetly rich, with a drying hint in the long.

Notes: El Injerto is one of Guatemala’s most celebrated farms. Maragogipe (Maragojipe in Spanish; also spelled Maragogype) is a variety of Arabica first discovered growing near the Brazilian town of the same name. It is a seldom-grown variety that produces enormous beans. Paradoxically, these enormous beans tend to produce a cup rather delicate in sensory profile. Based in the San Diego area, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a retailer and wholesaler that focuses on organic and socially responsible coffees and was voted micro-roaster of the year for 2012. Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A sensitively light-roasted, pleasing version of the rare, giant-beaned Maragogipe.


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