Brazil FVA Natural Dry by City Bean Coffee Review |
  • City Bean Coffee

    West Hollywood, California
  • Brazil FVA Natural Dry

Roast: Dark Review Date: January 1999
Origin: Brazil Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Either an over-aggressive roast or a drying-related defect in the green coffee deadens a promising profile. Satisfying body and richness, but little sweetness or nuance.

Notes: The Fazenda Vista Alegre estate processes their coffee by allowing it to dry on the tree, the ultimate in dry naturals. Satisfying body and richness, but little sweetness or nuance, due to either an over-aggressive roast or drying-related defect. "Think global, roast local" is the motto of City Bean Coffee, a two-store roaster in the Los Angeles area whose coffees have won an impressive variety of awards. Fazenda Vista Alegre was the first Brazilian estate to make inroads into the American specia

Who Should Drink It: Perhaps sugar-shy palates that crave body and richness without the sweetness and the bloom.


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