Coffee Review - Jacob's Tassimo T Disc
  • Jacobs Coffee

    Bremen, Germany
  • Kronung (Tassimo T Disc)

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: April 2011
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: $7.99/16 pods

Blind Assessment: (As brewed in a Tassimo single-serve brewing device to produce a 4.+-ounce serving): Hints of caramel and tart fruit in the aroma, but turns salty and empty in the cup before sweetening slightly in the finish. Listless acidity, lean mouthfeel.

Notes: The Tassimo system, with its Bosch-manufactured brewing device and matching proprietary T Discs, aims at providing a convenience-first single-serving solution for a variety of beverages, including filter-style coffee, tea, espresso-based beverages and hot chocolate. The Tassimo T Discs incorporate a bar code that instructs the brewing device how to prepare the particular beverage incorporated in the Disc. We accepted the bar-coded instructions for this coffee, which netted a 4.5-ounce serving. Tassimo is a division of Kraft Foods, with T Discs currently offered by brands mostly owned or associated with Kraft, including, in this case, Jacobs, a famous German coffee brand first founded in 1895. Visit or call 877-834-7271 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: At least based on this sample, no one. I’ve tested versions of this blend in Europe and they struck me as dullish but decent. This version was little more than wood-flavored water.


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