Coffee Review - Kenya Kieni from Coava Coffee
  • Coava Coffee Roasters

    Portland, Oregon
  • Kenya Kieni

Roast: Medium Review Date: August 2010
Origin: Nyeri growing region, south-central Kenya. Price: $11.00/8.8 oz.

Blind Assessment: Soft, smooth aroma combining night flowers, orange and molasses. Elegantly penetrating, fruit toned acidity, lightly syrupy mouthfeel and a lush, juicy complex of flavors: citrus, apricot, black currant and flowers. The flavors linger long into the crisp, clean finish.

Notes: Despite grower discontent and sporadic social disorder, Kenya cooperatives continue to produce some of the world's most elegant and distinctive coffees. This particular Kenya is produced by members of the Mugaga Cooperative Society at an elevation of approximately 6,000 feet from trees of the SL28 and SL34 varieties. Coava is a Portland based coffee roaster that aims to provide quality coffee and the knowledge needed to properly brew that coffee. Visit or call 503-894-8134 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A complex and complete version of the great Kenya profile.


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