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  • Old Tavern Estate

    Hardwar Gap, Jamaica
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain #1's - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: July 1998
Origin: Jamaica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Reactions to this coffee ranged from enthusiasm to mild approval to ambivalence. The enthusiasts and mild approvers both tended to cite gently bright acidity, full body, and nut-toned aromatics. The enthusiasts felt the coffee brought power to the cup ("packs a punch"), while the approvers felt it didn't ("mild, mild, mild; sweet and soft cup"). The ambivalencers also honored the virtues of the coffee, but detected a slight shadow taint. One suggested that the sample was a bit "faded," another "baggy." Both adjectives suggest this otherwise meticulously clean coffee suffered very mild damage, perhaps moisture-related, during transport or storage.

Notes: Old Tavern Estate is allowed to export its coffee in separate lots from other Blue Mountain coffees. This coffee has gently bright acidity, full body and nut-toned aromatics. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. Old Tavern is a farm in the heart of the Blue Mountain region that was recently given permission by the Coffee Board of Jamaica to export its coffee in separate lots from other Blue Mountain coffees, which normally are sold by mill mark rather than by fa

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