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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: July 1998
Origin: Jamaica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The most thoughtful assessments of this coffee characterized it as a potentially powerful but flawed coffee. "Although a little bit grassy, maybe due to lack of 'reposo' [resting the coffee after processing], this is a very good coffee," concluded one panelist. "Interesting undomesticated flavors," offered another. "One of those coffees that makes me scratch my head and say 'You're different, but do I really want to know you better?'" On the upside panelists cited this coffee's sweet fruit and richness. On the downside it elicited terms like weedy, oniony, or soapy. The most comprehensive attempt at describing the off-taste cited "Aromas of dried onions, grains and soy-sauce."

Notes: Potentially powerful but flawed coffee. Has sweet fruit and richness, but its off-taste is described as weedy, oniony, or soapy. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. Mavis Bank describes Blue Mountain coffee processed at the Mavis Bank mill. Mavis Bank, unlike the Wallenford mill, uses a traditional wet process involving loosening fruit pulp through fermentation rather than by machine scrubbing.

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