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  • Rwanda Bufcoffee Nyarusiza

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: June 2009
Origin: Nyamagabe, South Province, Rwanda. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Co-cupper Jim Reynolds (91) praised a "spicy pungency" in the aroma and a smooth, balanced acidity. Ken (89) agreed. Both found the pungent character carrying into the cup, complicated for Ken by hints of flowers and cocoa. Simple but satisfying finish. Jim found the body "balanced in the light to medium range" but Ken found the mouthfeel a bit lean, accounting for his somewhat lower score.

Notes: A prize winner in the 2008 Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition, where as a green (unroasted) coffee it placed eighteenth out of hundreds of entries, attracting a score of 85.55 from an international jury. Rwanda's tremendous potential as fine coffee producer has only come to fruition over the past four to five years owing to generous support from international aid agencies, the specialty coffee community and the industry of its growers. Produced entirely from trees of the heirloom Bourbon variety by the Bufcoffee Co-op. The Roasterie is a leading, quality-oriented specialty roaster that specializes in building ongoing relationships with growers and emphasizes its commitment to "air roasting," a technology utilizing a column of hot air rather than the conventional turning drum to agitate the roasting beans. Visit or call 800-376-0245 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A moderate dark roast turns the soft fruit pleasingly pungent in this quietly complex Rwanda. Try it in a French press.


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