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  • Torrefazione Italia

    Seattle, Washington
  • Perugia Blend

Roast: NA Review Date: May 1998
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Levitating with sweetness, clean, complete, balanced, powerful yet elegant, this blend displays tremendous development and dimension. By development I mean the profile transforms in subtle modulations from aroma through aftertaste -- in this case from chocolate and toast notes in aroma and cup to sweet spice tones in finish. Dimension means sensations resonate and expand in nose and on palate rather than standing pat at first impression. In milk this blend remains pleasantly nutty-sweet and complete, but surrenders the complexity and intensity it displayed in the demitasse.

Notes: This medium-dark roasted blend is ideally suited for espresso. Levitating with sweetness, clean, complete, balanced, powerful yet elegant. Perugia is one of the lighter-roasted of the Torrefazione Italia blends, intended for straight shots and short milk drinks.

Who Should Drink It: Perhaps the heaviness of most of the other blends made this refreshingly sweet coffee stand out so startlingly. Coming upon it during the tasting was a little like stumbling on a meadow during a trek through mountains. However, this most definitely is a straight-shot or short-cappuccino espresso. A single shot would disappear in a tall caffé latte.

WITH MILK:Flavor in milk: 6

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