Kenya AA Kichwa Tembo by Java Blend Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Java Blend Coffee Roasters

    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Kenya AA Kichwa Tembo

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: August 2008
Origin: South-central Kenya. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Quietly bright in aroma and cup: orange, black currant, blackberry, cedar, a hint of cocoaish dark chocolate. Balanced acidity, medium body. The dark chocolate grows more explicit in the rich finish.

Notes: Despite national coffee leadership marked by confusion and recent social disorder, Kenya cooperatives continue to produce some of the world's most elegant and distinctive coffees. AA is the highest grade of Kenya coffee based on bean size and number of visual imperfections. Java Blend Coffee Roasters is a small batch roasting company owned and operated by the same family since 1938. It custom-roasts and delivers coffee within two days of ordering throughout most of the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Visit or call 877-596-5282 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Quietly balanced, classic Kenya.


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