Barista Brava Sumatra by Quartermaine Coffee Roasters (Sam's Club) Review |
  • Quartermaine Coffee Roasters (Sam's Club)

    Rockville, Maryland
  • Barista Brava Sumatra

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: January 2008
Origin: Northern Sumatra, Indonesia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: In the aroma sweet, intense: molasses, dry berry, butter, earth. In the cup gently acidy, delicate but - again - intense, with continued molasses and cocoa-toned earth notes. A coffee both wild and elegant. Slight heaviness in the finish and slightly uneven cups.

Notes: A traditional Sumatra of the type distinguished by low acidity and idiosyncratic flavor notes that appear to result from serendipitous taints - mild ferment and mildew - acquired during unconventional drying procedures. By Internet only from Sam's Club, $14.12 per 40-ounce bag whole-bean, or 35 cents per ounce. Quartermaine Coffee Roasters is a long-established specialty roaster in the Washington DC area. Sam's Club is a membership-only retailer and wholesaler with more than 580 locations in the United States, over 100 abroad and a robust web presence. For more information, visit or

Who Should Drink It: A classic crisply earthy Sumatra at an impressive price.


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