Organic Sumatran Reserve by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Review |
Roast: Medium Review Date: March 1998
Origin: Sumatra Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Another typically full-bodied, solid-centered Sumatra. Not much range or complexity, but good development: If you stay with the coffee the heaviness at the center seems to grow in weight and power, revealing reticent pruny, sweet-pungent tones in the finish. As it cools, the herby, earthy tones characteristic of some Sumatras emerge, carrying (perhaps) a hint of hardness. Without that hint I would have rated this Sumatra higher.

Notes: Produced by a cooperative of about a hundred farmers, this coffee has the weight but not the nuance of the best traditional Sumatras. The center of the profile is satisfyingly round and full but rather opaque without lift or brightness. Grade 1 beans, certified organically grown, produced by farmers participating in the Aceh Sustainable Coffee Project. A new offering for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Processed by traditional Sumatra methods.

Who Should Drink It: Seems inevitable for whole-food types: not only is it certified organically grown, but the herbal-earth tones make it taste like it just came out of the garden in back.


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