Decaf Roastmaster's Choice Espresso by Fidalgo Bay Coffee Review |
  • Fidalgo Bay Coffee

    Burlington, Washington
  • Decaf Roastmaster's Choice Espresso

Roast: Medium Review Date: March 2007
Origin: Central America and Africa Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A fine fruity-fermented style espresso in decaffeinated format. The sweet fermented fruit notes (I would guess from a dried-in-the-fruit East African green coffee component) read as blueberry with chocolate and ripe banana tones in both aroma and small cup. Excellent body, rich chocolate in the finish. A slight salty sensation that often accompanies fruity ferment hardly matters in the small cup, but seems to dampen sweetness in milk, where this exciting espresso doesn?t quite live up to its full chocolate-blueberry promise.

Notes: Fidalgo Bay is a wholesale and online retail specialty coffee roaster with a thoughtfully designed menu of coffees and a concise but effective personal roast profiling tool on its website. Visit or call 800-310-5540 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: As a straight shot definitely exotic and distinctive, and well worth trying in milk.


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