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  • Jeremiah's Pick Coffee

    San Francisco, California
  • Holiday Blend

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: December 1997
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A solid, balanced dark-roast profile. A hint of wine-toned acidity, perhaps even some wildness, teases from inside the fundamental dark-roast bittersweetness. Some carbon, but overall good range and structure.

Notes: A solid, balanced dark-roast profile with a hint of wine-toned acidity, and some wildness. Some carbon, but overall good range and structure. Sumatra coffee is aged by removing it from the bags, spreading it, and rebagging it repeatedly, usually over the course of two to three years. Sulawesi, like Sumatra, is a major island in the Indonesia archipelago.

Who Should Drink It: The holiday factor:One of five very similar dark-roast blends in the cupping. All are subtly different, though any one of them would fill a French press agreeably after a big holiday dinner. This one has complexity, strength and a touch of wildness, probably from the Sulawesi coffee. Try it for a practice run in your new espresso brewer.


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